Henry Clausen, Ex-Wrestler and
Seller of Books, Used and Rare

He commands from shop's stern,
a grizzled aging Viking,
slim, compact, eyes that probe
each subject with Nordic care.
He repastes a binding: 'Careless fools!'
No salesman: a go-between
for readers and their chosen lands;
he sweeps an occult lady
with baleful eye as he counts
change from a cigar-box  register.
He could go top-deck with yarns
to drag applause from Beowulf himself,
how he wrestled monsters for years:
Mareduke, the Trenton Killer,
Sin Fang Yu, the Chinese torturer.
Or he could brag, out of style,
about his blond Iseult, their clan
of Norseman.  But, no, he keeps
his lonely helm, engrossed
to chart mind's course in drift
through currents and tides of books,
a side-long glance once in awhile
at crowds constant as waves
on endless journeys out there.



Photo by Myron Wood

The MacDowell Poems

by R. D. (Dean) Lakin

(Francestown, N.H.), 1977

a collection of 22 poems, composed by
the author while in residence at the 
MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, N.H.

published in a limited edition
of 150 copies, each especially
signed and numbered by the poet.
Twenty-five of these are numbered
I - XXV,  for presentation.
Deo Gratias.

the poem reprinted here 
is done so with the kind permission of 
the author's  wife, 
Professor Emeritus Barbara Lakin,
Colorado State University
Fort Collins

Dean Lakin passed away 
on Labor Day, 1998, at age 67.
I remember him as a kind, gentle 
and thoughtful soul.
A poet, scholar, and friend of 
uncommon generosity,
whose spirit inhabits 
the hearts and minds of 
his friends, family and poets everywhere.
His words, written for friend and
fellow bibliophile Henry Clausen, 
reveal kindred spirits, who
together again in another place,
share their love for books.
- Doug Clausen


                                               Henry A. Clausen


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